Unused and Undisclosed music

I’ve recently released an album’s worth of game music written for various projects that were either unused or unreleased. Some of them were also early versions of tracks that were modified beyond comprehension to fit spec builds, but I kept the originals and have posted some of them here. Enjoy!

Indivisible Prototype

I recently was part of Lab Zero’s new RPG project Indivisible. I built and implemented sound effects and voices into the prototype without the use of middleware, basically hard coding sounds into the game. This was put together very quickly, and it’s amazing how the whole thing turned out, it was definitely an amazing experience!

Tome of the Sun

I had the opportunity to work with a new mobile game developer, which is the current number one mobile developer in the Chinese market. NetEase makes wonderful games, and it was great to make some heroic town music for Tome of the Sun.

The town portion comes in at 6 min in the video.